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  • What are Live Nation Premium Tickets?

    Live Nation Premium Tickets allow you to maximize your concert-going experience by combining desirable seating with additional benefits such as VIP Club access and VIP parking.

  • What are the main benefits of purchasing Live Nation Premium Tickets?
    Live Nation Premium Tickets offer amazing benefits such as:
    • Reserved seats in some of the best locations
    • VIP Parking
    • Exclusive VIP Club access featuring full bars and private restrooms
    • Special Venue Entry
    • Option to purchase additional tickets
    • Personalized customer service
    • Ability to work with a live representative instead of a call center
    • At-your-seat wait service to box seats
  • How does one purchase Live Nation Premium Tickets?

    On this site, find the city and venue you are interested in. You may reach out directly to the phone number or email address listed on the venue page, submit your information and a local representative will be in touch shortly.

  • Can I purchase Live Nation Premium Tickets online?

    Not at this time.

  • Is it best to participate as an individual or a business?

    Live Nation Premium Tickets caters to both fans and businesses, and offers top of the line service regardless of whether you are an individual looking for an amazing entertainment experience or a business hoping to maximize relationships with employees, clients, and potential clients.

  • What types of Live Nation Premium Tickets packages are available?

    In our seasonal outdoor amphitheaters, maximize your dollar by purchasing full season box or seat packages, ensuring you attend all of the great Live Nation events playing your venue. Based on available inventory, multiple-show series and / or individual event packages may be available. A variety of packages are typically available at our year-round, indoor theatres and clubs. Please contact us and a local representative will be able to provide you with all package options.

  • How does one renew a Live Nation Premium Tickets package?

    Premium Ticket clients should receive an email or phone call from their Premium Tickets representative prior to the expiration of membership.

  • How does an existing client get support?

    Contact your local representative directly or contact us and a local representative will be in touch with you.